App Design Company Toronto

Android App Design Services in Toronto:

It may be a cliché but you really do only get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to your Android app, that had better be an appealing one. You’re up against a lot of competition. This means it makes a lot of sense to enlist the help of professional Android App design services in Toronto. Here’s how they can help.

Keeping you on the right side of the platform rules:

You might think your first priority is the user. Actually, your first priority is the platform. This is generally less of an issue with Android apps than it is with iOS apps. It does, however, need to be a consideration, since it’s extremely useful to be able to list your Android app on the Google Play store. By definition, a professional App Design Company Toronto is going to know these platform rules far better than the average SMB. It, therefore, makes sense to use them.

Making your Android App user-friendly:

In principle, all interfaces should be totally intuitive. In practice, some companies can get away with complex interfaces in some circumstances. Mobile apps, however, are not one of them.

People using mobile devices are guaranteed to be dealing with relatively small screens. They may well be using the device with one hand. This means that they are very unlikely to tolerate complicated interfaces.

One of the great ironies Android mobile app design is that it can be very complicated to design a simple interface. For example, you need to think about the wording you use. It needs to be super-clear and ideally to use standard terminology, like “search”. You want to limit the number of times users need to enter data themselves.

Where users do need to take action, you want to break that action down into simple components. Ideally, you want to offer, but not enforce, time savers. For example, you could have a screen where someone could enter their main card details by hand (and date picker) or scan their card to have the details entered automatically.

Added to all of this, you need to think about accessibility issues. This is probably a legal requirement. Even if it isn’t, modern consumers expect it and, bluntly, not providing it can lead to reputational issues.

Per the previous comments, designing an accessible mobile app can be more complicated than it sounds. For example, were you aware that using animations can trigger motion sickness? This is one of the reasons why mobile operating systems have an option to turn them off.

If animations are turned off in the operating system, then your Android mobile app should respect this. It might also be a good idea to offer the option to turn off animations from within the app itself. This is in case users don’t know how to turn off animations in their own settings.

Make your user’s life simple and make your life simple by hiring an App Design Company Toronto.

Clearing out the content:

On websites, content is king. On mobile apps, content still matters a lot. Excess content, however, is one of the most serious and most common errors in mobile app design. This is probably because these days everyone knows that rich content is a vital part of SEO. Businesses, therefore, feel that they ought to cram as much content as possible into their Android mobile app.

Actually, the complete opposite is true. With mobile apps, you want to pare content back to the absolute minimum. A good Android app design service in Toronto will be able to tell you exactly what’s needed – and also what’s not.

IOS App Design Services in Toronto:

Laptops are still very much in use and even desktops have their fans. Mobile devices, however, are the big growth area. It remains to be seen whether or not they’ll ever truly take over from laptops and desktops as devices for proper work. They are, however, most certainly taking over from laptops and desktops as ways to access the internet.

These days, all companies need a mobile-friendly website and an iOS app – and both had better be of the highest quality. That’s why it makes sense to hire a professional iOS app design service in Toronto. Here are some ways they can help.

Getting you past Apple’s approval process:

Anyone familiar with the mobile landscape knows that Google Play is essentially a digital jungle. Apple’s App Store, by contrast, is a walled garden, which Apple tried to keep in absolutely pristine condition.

Whether or not it succeeds is a matter of opinion. What is a matter of fact is that it is hugely important to get your iOS app on the App Store. That means you need to get past Apple’s notorious approval process. You’re probably going to find that a whole lot easier if you work with a good App Design Company Toronto.

Stopping you from making iOS users think:

“Don’t make me think!” is a famous principle of web design. It applies at least as much to mobile app design, especially to iOS app design. Always remember that iOS devices are sold on their ease of use. This is certainly not the only reason people buy them. Many people are attracted by their excellent multimedia functionality. It is, however, an important one.

In fact, these days it may even be the most important one. The fact of the matter is that premium Androids can now match the overall performance of iOS devices. Their cameras are just as good and so is their audio playback. This means that the big differentiator is the platform and, to a certain extent, the apps.

Even if you want to have both an Android app and an iOS app, (which will probably be the case for most companies), it’s still strongly advisable to create separate apps for each platform. In other words, create a native Android app and create a native iOS app. Avoid the temptation to create one app to cover the two platforms. If, however, you must go down this path, create an app for iOS since Apple’s approval process is far more rigorous than Google’s.

Apple’s users are also accustomed to the very highest standards in everything related to their mobile devices. They simply will not tolerate even minor issues that might have slipped past Android users. In short, get a good iOS app design service on your side and have them manage your app-creation process.

Making use of the capabilities of iOS devices:

Everything mentioned so far might lead you to believe that designing an iOS mobile app is guaranteed to be a huge pain in the teeth. There is, however, some good news. Android devices can be anything from bargain-bin handsets to premium, large-screen tablets. By contrast, iOS devices are very much known quantities.

In particular, you know their screen sizes and resolutions and you know the capabilities of their cameras. This is a huge benefit for effective mobile app design. For example, you can design your interface to look good on a certain range of screen sizes because you know that’s all there is.

You may, of course, need to make adjustments at a later date. Apple being Apple, however, new devices will be announced well in advance. You’ll, therefore, have plenty of time to take care of this.