Logo Design Services Toronto

Logos have been around for most of human history. They’ve long been a quick and easy way for people to identify the association they represent, their goods and/or their services. Logos still fulfill much the same purpose today. In fact, if anything, they’ve become even more important and even harder to create. Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about them and how we can help you by Logo Design Services Toronto.

The whole point of a Logo is to Be Instantly Recognizable:

If you’ve done all the hard work of winning a customer, you want to do everything possible to keep that customer. This means that your customer has to have an easy way to identify your products/services, even when they’re lumped in with your competitors’ offerings. A good logo provides them with an easy point of reference. It saves your customers from having to remember details like your name (and its spelling), they just have to remember a clear and simple visual image.

A Good Logo Should Communicate Your Brand Identity:

Let’s be honest. Very few companies have genuinely unique products and/or services. Most companies are competing either on price or on the customer experience (or a combination of both). A good logo will quickly convey your brand identity in a way that appeals to your target market. For example, take two coffee shops. Let’s say one has a very simple logo in bright, contrasting colours and geometric shapes. The other has a more intricate logo in earthy colours and abstract patterns. Which one would you pick as a family-friendly place to grab a quick cup of coffee? Which one would you pick as a place for a quiet meeting with someone you want to impress? Your logo must be clearly distinguishable from your competitors’ logos. This is why a good Logo Design Agency Toronto will do thorough research before they suggest a design.

Logos Need to Be Created with Accessibility in Mind:

Not everyone is lucky enough to have 20/20 vision and the ability to make out elaborate details and complex text. Modern logos, therefore, have to be designed to be accessible even to people with visual impairments and/or conditions that could impact their ability to read. This is part of the reason why there must be some kind of obvious connection between a business and its logo. This could be the industry sector (for example some coffee beans for a coffee shop), the name (think of Apple’s logo) or even the location if this is important to the business. The key point is that it should be really easy for people to look at the logo and immediately connect it with the relevant company. One of the reasons why it makes sense to use a Logo Design Services Toronto is that logo designing services know both the law and the practicalities of logo design. In other words, they’ll come up with a logo design that is both legal and effective.

Logos Should Look Good Across a Variety of Media:

Even if you currently only work in the real world or only work online, it’s generally preferable if your logo works across a variety of media, both printed and digital. This isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. First of all, logos display differently on printed material versus digital. Secondly, they display differently on different printed materials and different digital screens. For some companies, it may be hugely important to have a logo that looks good on highly-visual forms of social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest. This can encourage people to take photos of your logo and share them as part of their content, thus giving you what is effectively free Influencer marketing. Again, modern Logo Design Services Toronto are very familiar with this concept. They literally spend their working lives figuring out ways to make logo designs look great no matter where they’re shown.

Logo Should Look Good on Merchandise:

Even if you have no intention of using promotional merchandise, it’s advisable to have a logo that could easily be printed onto diverse physical items. That way if you ever do need promotional items, you can just get them made up quickly. If your logo looks good, you may even be able to expand your business into branded merchandise. This can not only be a useful income stream but, again, creates opportunities for free influencer marketing.

Remember That Your Logo Protects Your Brand

You may not be able to secure legal protection for your product or service but you can secure legal protection for your logo. This can make it much easier to deal with any companies which are selling counterfeit versions of your goods.