UI and UX Design Toronto

In the early days of the internet, web designers sometimes took pride in designs that would have people cringing today. Now the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are considered some of the most important parts of web design. 

Understanding How Customers Use your Website:

Think about onboarding a new employee. In most companies, there’s a good chance that someone is going to collect them from reception, show them to their workplace and give them a tour of the building.  

Then you have to bide your time while they absorb all this plus everything else they need to know about how your office works. During this learning period, they may frequently need to ask questions about basic information everyone else has already assimilated. 

A new visitor to your website is in much the same situation only they don’t have someone to show them around. What’s more, they probably don’t want to spend their time (for which they are not being paid) asking for help from either human agents or chatbots.

The onus is therefore on you to create a website your customers can navigate intuitively so that they have a positive experience of it. This can help to encourage your visitor to make a purchase. Even if it doesn’t, it will hopefully encourage them to recommend your company to other people. As a minimum, it should prevent them from criticizing you to other prospects. 

This means that you need to take your UI and UX design very seriously and view it as an investment rather than as an expense. Hiring a professional UI and UX design Agency in Toronto will incur a cost, but it will save you frustrated enquiries and, even worse, lost custom.

Adapting to Mobile Usability:

The increased use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets means that it’s important to consider them during UI and UX design. This creates a major challenge for UI and UX design services Toronto because they function very differently from traditional desktops and laptops.

For example, traditional desktops and laptops have large screens plus external keyboards. Mobile devices have small screens and generally use on-screen keyboards. Traditional desktops and laptops use pointing tools like mice. Mobile devices use taps and gestures. Traditional desktops and laptops are generally used seated at desks or tables. Mobile devices are often used on the move or when seated without a table.

What’s more, traditional desktops and laptops generally use fast broadband. Mobile devices may use anything from fast broadband to slow mobile data. This can have a major impact on how users interact with a website.

Adapting to the Growth of Voice Search:

Initially, voice search was associated with mobile devices. In particular, it was associated with mobile devices being used when people really were on the move. This is still one source of voice-search traffic. There is, however, another major source of voice-search traffic and that is smart home assistants. These two user groups often have very different needs and yet your UI and UX designs have to be able to accommodate both. Again, this is an area in which UI and UX Design Agency Toronto can really prove their value.

Keeping You on the Right Side of the Law:

Over recent years the accessibility of websites has become a huge issue. Accessibility is about more than just the visual elements of a website, even though these are hugely important. It’s also very much about the UI and UX design. Basically, it’s about how easy it is for someone to find their way around your website, even if they are dealing with limitations.

There are lots of good reasons for prioritizing accessibility (other than the law). For one, it can go a long way to extending your reach amongst your customer base. This is particularly true if you are targeting an older demographic. It can, however, also be useful even if you are targeting a younger demographic. Firstly, even young people can have accessibility issues. Secondly, a lot of the actions you take to improve accessibility can also improve user-friendliness in general and mobile-friendliness in particular.

Contributing to Your Search Rankings:

In modern SEO, content is still king but the user experience is queen and user experience depends largely on the user interface. Put simply, you now need more than great content to ensure great rankings, you also need great presentation. This is actually good news for businesses that are prepared to invest in UI and UX design services Toronto. It’s a direct reward for the effort and resources they put into making sure that customers have the best possible experience on their website.